Life Coaching. 1st step. Objectives

If we are to start a self coaching dynamic, the first step consists in fixing short, mid and long-term objectives.
These objectives give sense to our own living in such a way that certain blockages will shop up. These blockages or difficultness will be handled within the next chapters.
We have another option, which is to live with no objectives at all. If that is your choice, remember you are the only one responsible of your life. As Gurdjieff stated, those will have the risk of living like a silly and dying like a dog.
Make sure the objectives are explicitly written, explained and detailed. The language used will be precise, so that anyone would clearly understand the phrase. That is to say, slang is no welcome at this moment.
You can take a week to find out what your objectives are. As soon as the idea shows up, write it down, after you can refine it and make it sound the way you want it to be.